7 Days Detox Smoothie Challenge (english)


Need a break from heavy, unhealthy food? This book is for you and will help you to get in shape completely naturally!


Ebook 7 days detox smoothie challenge:

This book gives you detailed instructions for a 7 day detox challenge. The focus here is on delicious smoothies that are consumed every morning. Also included are recipes for lunch and dinner that help the body detoxify and remove harmful substances.

A clean gastrointestinal tract and in general a body that is free of artificial additives and environmental toxins is essential to achieve and maintain your ideal weight and health.

The following awaits you in this ebook:

– Explanation about this detox challenge, everything you need to know to successfully detoxify and get rid of excess body fat.

-Nutritional plan for 7 days with varied but very easy to prepare recipes.

-All recipes are plant-based, free from gluten, oil, refined sugar, salt and other additives.

-The aim is to create a basis within 7 days on which you can then continue to successfully implement a plant-based diet.

– Since the body detoxifies strongly in these 7 days, this is the ideal starting point for achieving a healthy ideal weight in the long term.

-The meals are planned in such a way that there is no need to starve, you can always eat until you are satisfied. In fact, this is very important to prevent food cravings. Nevertheless, a large amount of weight loss will be noticeable as only foods that support weight loss are used.

In a nutshell: This ebook is a “must have” for everyone who wants to press the reset button now and would like to see their body in top form very soon.


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